eBuddy Web Messenger

Messengers have become an essential part of the smart phone, and owning several mail and social platform accounts is also standard now. However, owning multiples of those accounts will cause so much more hassle, but the thing is that many of your friends will probably be spread across them. If you truly want to handle them all with ease, you’ll have to look into the different programs and applications regarding this problem. Some of which are free and some of which you can sample through a trial, either way, you should try eBuddy.

The eBuddy Web Messenger

EBuddy is probably one of the best programs you can opt to use. This is because of the history of eBuddy, and how it grew to span many different messenger apps over testing and time. It encompasses some of the most old, as well as some of the most new, which makes it a versatile program. While there are others on the market as well, this is the one you should look into because of it’s accessibility, and the simplistic nature by which is it made. Instead of logging into several accounts, the eBuddy ID stores every one you own and allows you to login with just one ID. On top of that, it’s user friendly, which means it is designed for the average, everyday person. It needs a lot less technical knowledge than most other messengers of the same nature.

How many Chat Messengers does eBuddy support?

As was mentioned earlier, the program itself spans both older and newer messenger carriers. It started out as an MSN messenger extension that could work on several different smart phones during 2003. Tinkering with the program, its predecessor e-messenger was launched, and had moderate success as MSNs answer to smart phones. Over time, they picked up a variety of what was then, popular messengers. MySpace was one of the first and this goes for Hyves, AIM, and ICQ as well. These older messengers basically put eBuddy on the map during its early years. Over time, however, it also integrated several of the newer age chat carriers. Yahoo messenger, and its mail counterpart, is one of the biggest draws to eBuddy. However, since they managed to add on Facebook chat and Google Talk, eBuddy has only grown more in popularity.

How does eBuddy Perform?

As one of the forerunners of this type of app, it become obvious that eBuddy is also one of great performers. The program is light and easy to store on most new smart phones, and it also one of the most popular. It’s highly rated because of the many mobile platforms it comes on as well. The web messenger can be used on several different smart phones and the PC. In fact, any system that can run xHTML can be viable to run eBuddy web messenger. As for the performance, each platform usually comes with certain features. For example, on the Android, flipping through different chat boxes is much easier, while on the iPhone, the program does not end when receiving a call. The eBuddy lite messenger also features support for gaming platforms like the PSP, and the Nintendo DS. Overall, eBuddy is for the beginner, but at the same time, will grow on you as you use it, so why look anywhere else?